Petition: Veto HB61

House Bill 61 claims to prevent gun stores and shooting ranges from being shut down by disaster declarations or emergency orders, but it actually does the opposite.

The bill actually allows governments to shut down gun stores and ranges, along with other stores and businesses.

This legislation not only fails to defend your 2nd Amendment Rights, but it undermines many other rights as well.

HB61 is headed to the Governor’s desk, where he can either sign it, veto it, or let it become law without his signature.

This is your last chance… Urge the Governor to veto HB61, as no government should have the authority to shutdown gun stores, like HB61 puts into state law.

This is a clear infringement of our 2nd Amendment Rights.

Sign this petition urging the Governor to VETO HB61!

Whereas: 2nd Amendment Rights are NOT to be SUSPENDED by ANY government, at ANY time for ANY reason; and

Whereas: Our 2nd Amendment Rights “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”; and

Whereas: HB61 gives governments the authority to SUSPEND 2nd Amendment Rights, along with others;

Therefore: I strongly urge Alaska Governor Michael Dunleavy Veto HB61 and not let it become law in Alaska!

Only your name and your zip code will be sent with your Petition to the Governor.