Wall of Shame: Interior Alaska House Representatives

All of the names in Green, voted to kill (table) the amendment.

Update: Four of these six legislators are no longer serving in office.

RINOs and Democrats are attacking your 2nd Amendment Rights.

They blatantly attacked your rights when they voted to table Amendment #46 (to kill a pro-2A Amendment), an amendment to the state operating budget that would prevent the University of Alaska from enforcing so-called “gun-free” zones on the campus, thus not allowing “Campus Carry”, and continuing to enforce “Criminal Safety Zones” on campus.

State House Representatives that voted to attack your rights from the Interior were:  Steve Thompson, Mike Prax, Mike Cronk, Adam Wool, Grier Hopkins, and Bart LeBon.

You can send these State House Representatives (who are supposed to defend your rights, and not steal them), a pre-written email here: 

Dear Representative,

You failed to uphold your oath of office, to defend my Second Amendment Rights, when you voted to kill Amendment #46, to HB281.

You are supposed to defend my rights, not attack them!



Only your name and your zip code will be sent with your message to the legislators.