Action Alert – Help Stop Red-Flag Gun Grab Bill

SB 229, the “Red-Flag” gun grab bill (sponsored by anti-gun senators from Anchorage), appears to be gaining steam in the Alaska Senate.
In every other state where such schemes are passed, they are abused and used to seize guns from law-abiding Americans, who have committed no crime.
This particular scheme is an egregious attack on your 2nd Amendment, 4th Amendment, and other rights guaranteed in our constitutions.
We can’t let the anti-gun schemers gain an inch here in Alaska.

With Joe Biden on a tear, trying to steal guns away from law-abiding Alaskans via Federal bribes (using your own tax-dollars), we need to be especially vigilant not to let them gain an inch.

There is a battle raging within our own state capital, with politicians scheming to take our guns away.
The gun grabbers in Juneau are salivating at the mouth, at the thought of stealing away your guns.

Sen. Kawasaki telegraphed his intentions to move the Red-Flag gun grab bill out of his committee.
This is in spite of the thousands of petitions we submitted and the testimony given by many 2nd Amendment Patriots.
We still have a short window of opportunity to tell the Senate State Affairs committee to vote down this shameless gun grab attempt.

You can send a quick (pre-written) email to the whole committee, urging them to kill the bill by using the form below.

Members of the Senate State Affairs Committee,

I oppose Senate Bill 229. This proposed “Red Flag Law” blatantly violates my Second Amendment, Fourth Amendment, and due process rights. 

With little or no evidence, an ex-partner, disgruntled co-worker or neighbor can file for an “Extreme Risk Protection Order” (ERPO) against me, a law-abiding gun owner.  

If a Red Flag order is issued, law enforcement can seize my perfectly legal firearms.

Worse yet, if I want to get my rights (and guns) back, it will likely take significant time (years) and money to prove my innocence in civil court. 

This is a complete reversal of the standard of “innocent until proven guilty.”

In every other state where such “laws” exist, they are abused to fulfill a political disarmament agenda, and cause more victimization.

As this proposed legislation violates the Second Amendment, Fourth Amendment, and many other constitutionally guarded rights; I urge you to immediately kill this legislation.

Only your name and your zip code will be sent with your message to the Legislature.

5-16-24 UPDATE. See Below:

Red-Flag Gun Grab Dead (for now)!

Thanks to the pressure from your petitions, emails, testimonies, and phone calls from Patriots like you, the Red-Flag Gun Grab is dead in Juneau.

The bill was swamped with thousands of petitions and hundreds of emails.

This overwhelming amount of firepower is just the sort of thing to scare the politicians, and make them back off their attack on our rights.

However, stay sharp!

We expect them to bring this scheme back next year.

In the meanwhile, we will continue educating and mobilizing Patriots, to help defeat this scheme and every other gun-grab scheme that these politicians dream up.

Thank you for doing your part.