Mat Su Borough Ignores the Will of the People – Intends to trample on Gun Rights

The Mat Su Borough passed a resolution, in spite of the outpouring of opposition, by the vast majority of Valley residents.

The resolution directs the Planning Department to prepare an ordinance to add additional layers of red-tape that will hamper the development of responsible shooting ranges.

“To the dismay of many in a massive agitated group of residents who had gathered at the Mat-Su Borough Assembly meeting, Ordinance 20-025 passed 4-3 and will be referred to the planning commission for 90 days.”

“Assemblyman Jesse Sumner’s Resolution 20-018 would rescind Resolution 19-083, which requested that staff develop a Conditional Use Permit regulating outdoor shooting ranges also failed along the same 4-3 vote. Sumner was joined by George McKee and Ted Leonard in voting for his own resolution 20-018 and against 20-025. Assembly members Tam Boeve, Stephanie Nowers, Tim Hale and Dan Mayfield voted in favor of 20-025 and against 20-018.”