Repeal Mat-Su Borough Anti-Gun Range Red-Tape Ordinance Tuesday

The repeal of the Anti-gun Range Red-Tape ordinance is on the agenda for Tuesday’s Mat-Su Assembly meeting… AND the Mat-Su Assembly needs to hear from you!

Time to stand up and make your voice be heard in defense of your right to keep and bear arms!

SHOW UP 6pm Tuesday, at 350 E. Dahlia Ave., Palmer, AK 99645, and offer your testimony in support of the repeal when it is time on the agenda.

If you can’t make it in person, call in at 855-225-2326, and offer your testimony over the phone.

(When the Mayor announces audience participation or a public hearing you would like to speak to, press *3; you will hear “Your hand has been raised.” When it is your turn to testify you will hear “Your line has been unmuted.” State your name for the record, spell your last name, and provide your testimony.)

We need more gun ranges built to increase the safe handling and training of future hunters, marksmen and firearm enthusiasts. Not less.

When we repeal the red-tape range restrictions at the borough level, one of the many hurdles that gun ranges have to jump through to become a reality, is removed.

Repealing this red tape will also protect the existing gun ranges from being strangled out of existence in the future!

Demand that MSB 17.68 be entirely repealed. No amendments. Total repeal.

You can make a difference in reclaiming rights that should never have been lost, to begin with.

This is a significant step towards reclaiming your rights and the repeal of the Anti-gun Range Red-Tape ordinance.

Politicians are on notice and we won’t stand idly by while they try and steal our rights!

Make your voice heard on Tuesday – show up, and protect your right to keep, bear, and shoot your guns here in the Mat-Su!

And bring your range buddies with you on Tuesday night!

Thank you!

PS: If you’re able, could you chip in a generous contribution of $10, $25, or $50, to help us to keep fighting against the gun-grabbers and their schemes?