Fire Grier!

Grier is running from his bad record against Gun Rights!

He has consistently betrayed the 2nd Amendment during his tenure in office.

Co-Sponsored Red-Flag Gun Confiscation: HB122

(Then Flip-Flopped, when he started running for re-election, and withdrew his co-sponsorship)

Voted to put ANTI-Gun radicals in charge of the House in 2019 and 2021.

He has repeatedly voted against Pro-Gun Budget Amendments:
Amendment 30 to HB69 and Amendment 37 to HB69 and Amendment 46 to HB281

You can take additional action by calling him out for his bad behavior on our Wall of Shame Action page here.

Frank Tomaszewski has returned his Alaska Gun Rights Survey 100% Pro-Gun!


As of May 2023, Frank Tomaszewski has since betrayed the 2nd Amendment and your gun rights, by voting to allow government to shut down gun stores. You can see more details at this Wall of Shame page here.