Gun-Grab Schemes Introduced in Juneau

As we expected, the anti-gun zealots introduced their legislation in Juneau this month.

They’re aiming to take away your gun rights through gun-confiscation schemes like so called “Red-Flag” laws and the “Home-Invasion Incentive Act.”

Red-flag laws strip gun owners of their constitutional rights to keep and bear arms while violating several other fundamental constitutional rights, robbing them of their due process rights, and leaving them with almost no recourse.

It is a gun-grab scheme ripe for abuses as well as being blatantly unconstitutional.

It violates multiple articles in the Bill of Rights and will be used to deprive innocent people of their rights, victimizing them and making them more likely to be further victimized in the future.

This is the history of this law, as shown in every other state that has passed it or similar legislation.

This year, it was introduced as HB162 in Juneau.

Also introduced, the “Home-Invasion Incentive Act,” gives criminals, thugs, and home invaders significant advantages when law-abiding owners lock away their firearms.

It would require that guns being stored or transported be in a locked container.

This adds an undue burden on a victim, who really can’t afford the extra seconds required under a high-stress situation, to try and manipulate a locked safe when their home is being invaded!

Enforcement of this law would make victims and criminals out of law-abiding gun owners; while giving criminals, thugs, and home invaders, significant advantages when committing violent crime sprees.

This year, it was introduced as HB164.

If you signed one of our petitions opposing Red-Flag gun confiscation, or the petition opposing the Home-Invasion Incentive Act, thank you!

By you adding your voice to thousands of other voices, using your 1st Amendment right, you are helping to build a bulwark to protect your 2nd Amendment rights!

We’ve been educating thousands of Alaskans on the dangers of these schemes, and with your continued support, we’ll continue mobilizing good people against the schemes of these gun-grabbers!

We’ll continue to keep you informed of these developments and opportunities to participate in defending our liberties.

I’m grateful for your help in this fight!