The Votes Don’t Lie

It was utterly shameful.

Representative Kevin McCabe, the freshman representative from Big Lake (R), voted against your 2nd Amendment rights this spring.

Rep. McCabe and his cohorts voting to table(kill) pro-2nd Amendment language

He joined in with a bunch of anti-gun democrats and RINOs, to vote to kill (table) a pro-2A amendment to the State’s budget.

This amendment would prevent the University of Alaska from enforcing so-called “gun-free” zones on the campus, thus not allowing “Campus Carry”, and continuing to enforce “Criminal Safety Zones” on campus.

This is a deep betrayal of his oath to protect and defend YOUR 2nd Amendment rights.

To add insult to injury, he completely broke his word that he gave to our members to support the anti-red flag act (House Bill 152).

Not only did he refuse to support it, as he promised on his candidate survey he would, he actually worked to undermine and oppose it actively on the House Floor!

His collaboration with the anti-gun zealots was a betrayal of the highest order.

What is even more bizarre, is that he still claims to be pro-gun!

Nearly immediately after the vote, he was shouting at our members at a gun show in Big Lake, claiming that we were lying.

The votes don’t lie Kevin.

He was the only member of the Mat-Su Valley’s representation in Juneau to vote yes to table/kill the amendment which would have allowed Campus Carry.

He seems to be completely detached from the reality of his actions and votes.

Please add your name to those calling him to accountability here.

If Mr. McCabe has an ounce of integrity left, he should resign.