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Wall of Shame: HB61

These are the legislators that voted to pass HB61, putting into state law, that the government has the authority to shutdown gun stores in an “emergency.”

It is a blatant infringement of the 2nd Amendment.

House of Representatives.

Yeas:  Allard, Carpenter, Coulombe, Cronk, Dibert, Edgmon, Foster,                                                              
Groh, C.Johnson, D.Johnson, McCabe, McCormick, McKay, Ortiz,                                                                    
Patkotak, Prax, Rauscher, Ruffridge, Saddler, Schrage, Shaw, Stapp,                                                             
Stutes, Sumner, Tilton, Tomaszewski, Vance, Wright

State Senate.

Yeas:  Bishop, Bjorkman, Claman, Dunbar, Giessel, Hoffman,                                                                      
Hughes, Kaufman, Kawasaki, Merrick, Myers, Olson, Shower,                                                                       
Stedman, Stevens, Wielechowski, Wilson

Pro 2A Candidate Needed!

You deserve a pro-gun Assemblymember on your Mat-Su Assembly.

Assemblymember Nowers, has voted for the anti-gun range ordinance repeatedly.

You can see her bad behavior at these links:

This shameful attack on your Gun Rights must be stopped.

We are looking for a pro-gun candidate to stand up and file to run for this seat.

If you live in Assembly District 2, you could be that person.

Reach out to us here, and we’ll provide you with information about how to get started:

Candidate filing has closed.

Wall of Shame: Interior Alaska House Representatives

The anti-gun extremists are mobilizing. They are scheming to take your rights away by hook or crook.

This spring we saw a bunch of weak-kneed RINOs join in with them, voting to kill (table) a pro-2A amendment to the State’s budget.

All of the names in Green, voted to kill (table) the amendment.

This amendment would prevent the University of Alaska from enforcing so-called “gun-free” zones on campus, thus not allowing “Campus Carry”, and continuing to enforce “Criminal Safety Zones” on campus.

This is a betrayal of their oaths to protect and defend YOUR 2nd Amendment rights.

Interior State House Representatives that voted to attack your rights are: Steve Thompson, Mike Prax, Mike Cronk, Adam Wool, Grier Hopkins, and Bart LeBon.

You can send these State House Representatives (who are supposed to defend your rights, and not attack them), a pre-written email here.

Please pass this message along to a friend or fellow 2ndAmendment patriot!

The Votes Don’t Lie

It was utterly shameful.

Representative Kevin McCabe, the freshman representative from Big Lake (R), voted against your 2nd Amendment rights this spring.

Rep. McCabe and his cohorts voting to table(kill) pro-2nd Amendment language

He joined in with a bunch of anti-gun democrats and RINOs, to vote to kill (table) a pro-2A amendment to the State’s budget.

This amendment would prevent the University of Alaska from enforcing so-called “gun-free” zones on the campus, thus not allowing “Campus Carry”, and continuing to enforce “Criminal Safety Zones” on campus.

This is a deep betrayal of his oath to protect and defend YOUR 2nd Amendment rights.

To add insult to injury, he completely broke his word that he gave to our members to support the anti-red flag act (House Bill 152).

Not only did he refuse to support it, as he promised on his candidate survey he would, he actually worked to undermine and oppose it actively on the House Floor!

His collaboration with the anti-gun zealots was a betrayal of the highest order.

What is even more bizarre, is that he still claims to be pro-gun!

Nearly immediately after the vote, he was shouting at our members at a gun show in Big Lake, claiming that we were lying.

The votes don’t lie Kevin.

He was the only member of the Mat-Su Valley’s representation in Juneau to vote yes to table/kill the amendment which would have allowed Campus Carry.

He seems to be completely detached from the reality of his actions and votes.

Please add your name to those calling him to accountability here.

If Mr. McCabe has an ounce of integrity left, he should resign.

How Liberty Is Lost

Termed-out Borough Mayor Vern Halter, staged a last-minute betrayal when he effectively blocked the anti-gun range ordinance from being repealed during the Mat-Su Borough Assembly’s meeting on December 1st.

It was his “Christmas Present” to the anti-gun extremists.

He “vetoed” the reconsideration motion, which would have caused the ordinance to be reconsidered by the gun-friendly Assembly majority.

Halter abused his authority and ignored the vast majority of people testifying against this anti-gun range scheme, leading to controversy and possible legal challenges to his illegitimate actions.

While the lawyers wrestle over the legality of Halter’s betrayal, we’re not backing off or backing down on this fight.

It’s time to redouble our efforts and replace the anti-gun Borough Mayor with a pro-gun Mayor.

But we can’t stop there. We’ve also got to screen and recruit more pro 2nd Amendment Allies to run for the Assembly seats up for election next year.

Don’t let Halter’s betrayal discourage you: we gained ground on the assembly this year, and with your help we can do it again next year.

And electing more pro 2nd Amendment candidates are critical to repealing this travesty and regaining the lost freedom that the anti-gun extremists are stealing from us.

Mayor Vern Halter showed his true colors. His eagerness to go out of his way to support the anti-gun extremists’ schemes, has shown just where he stands on your gun rights.

While deceitfully claiming to support gun ownership and ranges, he went out of his way to attack your gun rights, and has become a willing puppet for the anti-gun extremists.

I’m personally grateful to you for your standing up to oppose this tyranny and to defend your rights to keep and bear arms.

While we didn’t get the result we hoped for, we will continue to fight.

We’re not backing down. We’re not going away.

Together, we’ll find more pro 2nd Amendment allies to protect – and restore – our right to exercise and bear arms in the Mat-Su.

But if we don’t stand together, if we don’t work side by side to replace anti-gun liberals on the Assembly, they’ll take more than our right to build and operate gun ranges.

If you’re able, could you please chip in a generous contribution of $10, $25, or $50, to help us to keep fighting against the gun-grabbers and their schemes?

Wall of Shame – MatSu Borough Assembly 2020

These four MatSu Borough Assemblymembers, have shown their total disregard for the freedom to keep and bear arms, and the Second Amendment.

They have claimed to support the Second Amendment, while at the same time voting against it. They voted to direct the Borough planners to create more red-tape for shooting ranges in the Borough. This will harm existing ranges as well as make future range development even more difficult than it already is. What good are your Second Amendment rights, if you have no place to exercise them?

Their shameful behavior has earned them a place on this Wall of Shame.

Assembly members Tam Boeve, Stephanie Nowers, Tim Hale and Dan Mayfield voted in favor of 20-025 and against 20-018.” [LINK]

Dan Mayfield and Tam Boeve also voted against the Second Amendment in their votes regarding this original ordinance of 2019. [LINK]

Dan Mayfield, District 5
Tam Boeve, District 7 (Sponsor of anti-Second Amendment legislation)
Stephanie Nowers, District 2
Tim Hale, District 1