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Mat Su Borough Ordinance will harm Exsisting Ranges

“… this ordinance would put an extreme financial strain on our MVS range because, due to the Glenn Highway expansion, we will have to purchase a strip of property from our neighbor to replace our parking area lost to the highway. We can afford to buy the property, but not to comply with Applications Procedures Code 17.68.040 by paying a professional engineering company to do a certified site plan, a site specific environmental plan for managing materials in accordance with EPA Best Management Practices, and a study of surface danger zones as determined by a professional engineer registered in the state of Alaska. That would be a lot for a replacement parking lot! We may also have issues with the setback for our outdoor firing line due to the land lost for the bike trail along the expanded highway.”


Mat-Su Borough Assembly hears heated public testimony on shooting range ordinance

“The public testimony had been heated throughout the night as dozens of people voiced their opposition. The cheering and clapping continued to get louder.

An overwhelming majority opposed the ordinance.

 “The proposed shooting range ordinance is a solution no one wants to a problem that doesn’t exist,” said Scott Vukich, the owner of Pioneer Tactical.

The first draft of the proposed ordinance would require a conditional use permit for new commercial, educational and non-profit shooting ranges.

A second draft adjusted the decibel level and changed it to an administrative permit.

The ordinance prompted a gun rights rally at the end of January where hundreds came out to a protest outside the Mat-Su Borough building in Palmer.

Many of those people were also at the assembly’s meeting to tell members any new restrictions would infringe on their Second Amendment.

“For you guys to go against the Constitution of the United States really bothers me because what you’re leading up to is gun control,” said Cris Tyree of Wasilla.

Earlier in the evening, Howard urged the assembly to listen to their constituents.

“We elect you to be our mouthpieces. We elect you to do the will of the people,” Howard said.

Kenneth Bullman of Palmer said there’s already a limited number of public ranges in the Mat-Su Valley. He was concerned about what the restrictions could mean for future development and expressed the need for more ranges.

“People are going to shoot and if you don’t provide them with a well-maintained, clean place to shoot they’re going to shoot other places,” Bullman said.”


Mat Su Borough Resolution 19-083

The first iteration of the anti-2nd Amendment ordinance passed the borough back last fall, prior to the fall election.

“The other hotly debated issue of the night was Resolution 19-083, which would request borough staff to develop a Conditional Use Permit process for commercial, educational and nonprofit outdoor shooting facilities.”

“After deliberation, the ordinance passed 4-3 with Sumner, McKee and Leonard voting against.”


The votes:

Jim Sykes Yes
Matthew Beck Yes
George McKee No
Ted Leonard No
Dan Mayfield Yes
Jesse Sumner No
Tam Boeve Yes

It was sponsored by Assemblymember Tam Boeve (Willow).

Mat Su Borough Ignores the Will of the People – Intends to trample on Gun Rights

The Mat Su Borough passed a resolution, in spite of the outpouring of opposition, by the vast majority of Valley residents.

The resolution directs the Planning Department to prepare an ordinance to add additional layers of red-tape that will hamper the development of responsible shooting ranges.

“To the dismay of many in a massive agitated group of residents who had gathered at the Mat-Su Borough Assembly meeting, Ordinance 20-025 passed 4-3 and will be referred to the planning commission for 90 days.”

“Assemblyman Jesse Sumner’s Resolution 20-018 would rescind Resolution 19-083, which requested that staff develop a Conditional Use Permit regulating outdoor shooting ranges also failed along the same 4-3 vote. Sumner was joined by George McKee and Ted Leonard in voting for his own resolution 20-018 and against 20-025. Assembly members Tam Boeve, Stephanie Nowers, Tim Hale and Dan Mayfield voted in favor of 20-025 and against 20-018.”